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It’s wonderful to see new student radio stations start up across the country. Arkansas State University’s Red Wolf Radio is one of the newest, launching earlier this year.

Building on a program with a history of public service broadcasting, a new venture, Red Wolf Radio–a student-operated, online radio station, went live with on-air student talent beginning this morning, according to Arkansas State University’s College of Media and Communication.

“Students have long-wanted a student-run station on campus that caters to their interests,” said Larz G. Roberts, A-State instructor in the Multimedia Journalism Program. “Its time has come.”

Does your radio station have a graphic designer on staff? If not, hire one immediately.

This super rad poster is for KXSC at University of Southern California’s KXSC music and art festival. A design like this will help bring students and community members to your event much more than clip art and plain text on a white background. It also incorporates sponsor logos pretty well in the lower right-hand corner. Even if you can’t afford to print posters, create a compelling visual to use in online promotion.

I think one of the problems with developing good public affairs programming for college radio is the assumption that a show needs to be a standard length to fit perfectly into the existing schedule.


AMU Radio at American Military University has a good schedule of “programming showcasing faculty practitioners who are experts in their fields.” They offer six programs of varying lengths - from 5-10 minutes, 15-25 minutes and 50-60 minutes. Some of the programs also repeat throughout the week.

While shows should be a standard length if your ultimate goal is syndication, something just for your station can be as flexible as you need. By all means don’t add 10 minutes of sub par content just to fill space.

Cool T-shirt design and a mess of swag (water pistols, zine, stickers) from WPTS at University of Pittsburgh, as displayed during the College Broadcasters, Inc. swag swap. See more station swag on Facebook.

It was late summer 2000 during the Ford Detroit International Jazz Festival when a guy from NPR showed me how to wrap cable this way and then made me practice until I got it right. It is probably time for a refresher. Pictures and details are at

What does resume design have to do with college radio? Everyone has to graduate (or drop out) eventually and you need to do something once that happens. With 100 resumes sitting on the desk of a bored search committee member, don’t you want yours to be the one that stands out?

They also have a great rate card at

Track suit from Cleveland State University’s WCSB and their 2011 radiothon. See more on Facebook


radio: if your school has one join it asap. it’s chill. you meet cool people. you can study and listen to good music. did i mention you get to speak on the radio? yeah so seriously it’s the best.

-coming from a kid that only applied to colleges with radio stations


WKNC Chainsaw Rock T-shirt, date unknown

WKNC Chainsaw Rock T-shirt, date unknown